Monday, April 21, 2014

Empire Theatre

I have a newspaper clipping of this 1998 photo by Dan Hogan Charles from the New York Times

I went to see a movie in the Empire Theatre (originally the Eltinge which opened in 1912). It reminded me of the newspaper clipping I have saved in my journal from 1998. The theatre was moved down 42nd Street to become part of an entertainment complex.

It was pretty amazing that they moved an entire theatre but now when I look at the seems pretty amazing that there was that much open space on 42nd Street...though, of course, not for long.

The old Broadway theatre had 759 seats. As a movie house it offers 4916 seats within the 25 movie auditoriums. There are some very long escalators moving people between the levels. Seeing the theatre itself is worth as much or more than seeing a movie there.

Last week we were talking about the Titanic which sunk in April 1912 and today it's a theatre that opened in September 1912.

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