Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Don (in the orange shirt and sunglasses) teaches at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Last night was the opening reception for New Views, the faculty art exhibition. There was a wide range of art from the fashion you might expect to painting, sculpture, photography, video, etc. Don's presentation was a video of costumes he had designed and/or constructed.

As part of the fun he had a few people wear some of the costumes and mingle with the guests. It was quite a hit. Lots of people wanted to have their photos taken with the costumed people. The seated Zen woman was the faculty member who had created the exhibit they are all in. She was quite excited to have them be a part of her exhibit even briefly. You can see a phone camera at the lower left of the photo and the hand of another photographer on the right. How do you explain this kind of thing???

Morning temperature: 42 degrees

Steps: 12,837

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