Sunday, March 29, 2015

Cake Disaster

Cakes and I do not get along that well in the kitchen. This was my latest disaster. I wish I could have gotten a shot of it when it was still puffed up and bubbling but the smoke pouring out of the oven was not helping.

The from scratch cake recipe even suggested use of a disposable pan. I still don't know how it all went so wrong. I had put the pan on the cookie sheet to give it more stability and that step prevented more of a mess of smoldering coals on the oven floor. When things had cooled down the mess was not as bad as I anticipated though I still had to clean the oven before I dared turn it on again.

So I cleaned and then turned on the oven. When no smoke poured out I made another cake and poured it into a metal cake pan. That cake baked up beautifully. Then I added some salted caramel frosting.

The above cake seemed to be cooked through on the one side so we had to eat a little of it...purely to minimize the waste of all the ingredients that went into it, of course!

Morning temperature: 39 degrees

Steps: 10,787

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