Friday, August 29, 2014

Balloon Delivery

This photo was taken in the subway car on my way to work. The poor guy - almost hidden by the bags and the post - was on his way to deliver a bunch of helium balloons. There were 2 more big bags of balloons behind him. And in front of the next door in the car was another guy with an equal amount of balloons. (What occasion were these decorations commemorating?) The guys got in at 14th street and left 7 stops later at 68th street after constantly rearranging their cargo to accommodate the other passengers.

As the experienced balloon wranglers stepped off the train the usually bored commuters followed their progress out the door and down the platform. After they were out of sight we heard a POP as some poor balloon gave its life for the safety of the others. Everyone shared a laugh as the doors closed...their faces slowly relaxing into boring morning commute mode.

Morning temperature: 62 degrees

Steps: 9527

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