Sunday, May 17, 2015

Ninth Avenue Food Festival

Look all the way down the center of the photograph. Those are people as far as you can see!

I'm more interested in the color and the characters than the food.

Love this shot with the buildings in the background.

What??? Free refills!

Look at that wood burning pizza oven in a trailer.
Poor little guy! Weird how I take pictures of all the BBQ stuff!

And all I ate was grilled corn! Just one.
This stilt walker was the best. She kicked. She danced. She hopped. But best of all she leaned all the way down to talk to every child and to shake hands with every person in a wheelchair who passed by.

Cucumber limeade brought to me by a man in a serape and sombrero...yes, please!

Even the trash cans were colorful.
But the funniest thing at the food festival was.....

the Rolaids booth!


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