Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Morning Walk #163 - Cold but Sunny

25 degrees (feels like 16) and 73% humidity

Lots of areas of ice

The pathways at the park are mostly snow and ice covered although there is evidence that they were plowed at some point.

I thought I could brush the snow off the bench but it was I sat on it anyway. When I stood I saw that my posterior had melted the ice underneath me. It left me with a wet spot on my coat...which 2 blocks later had frozen to cardboard consistency.

On my return I saw that it was 8 minutes till the post office would open so I went in to purchase stamps. There were already 7 people in line. They opened promptly (and there were now 21 people in line). But they only had one poor employee to face the growing line. Thank you were kicking butt!

Steps: 7659

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